Thursday, July 13, 2006

Writing and Black Holes

Last night, after reading more of the Illuminatus Trilogy (I really should start calling what I'm reading by the correct book name I guess) I got the inspiration to finally get back to my own writing and I actually managed to get some done on my main story. The prelude now flows reasonably well and should be relatively close to the final form, ignoring any structural changes which will inevitably occur at some point.

I've also been getting progressively more addicted to Supermassive Black Holes off the new Muse album. At first listening, the album was a bit disappointing as it didn't sound like the Muse that we all know and love, it strayed slightly too far into pop territory. The more I listen to it though, the more it's growing on me and the more it seems to fit their old style, though I doubt it'll ever quite sound completely right. It's a bit like Rammstein's Rosenrot album (and to a lesser extent Reise Reise). It's technically good music, but you can't help feeling they've moved a bit too far away from their old style for it to ever sound quite right for them. Anyway, I'll keep listening and keep liking it a bit more and eventually I may even grow to like the whole album.

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