Sunday, July 16, 2006

The World Cup

I was pondering today why I no longer enjoy the World Cup like I did when I was younger. I came to the conclusion that it was because

  1. I now know how much the players earn (and how little they really do to earn it)

  2. It gets boring always being a team that could possibly win it but never does. There's no challenge for us qualifying nor getting past the first round, and then it's all about luck not skill because it stops being about the game and starts being about pushing the rules (see next point)

  3. There's so much in the way of taking dives, pushing and shoving, and general doing anything you can to trick your way into winning, that it becomes a chore having to watch it

  4. You get players like Rooney and Zidane. Nothing more I need to say there really

Basically, there's nothing for me to enjoy there anymore. Unless something drastic happens I have no doubt my interest will continue to sink every time until eventually I'm as sick of it as Claire is.

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