Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random IMs - Uptime

Keht> there is an ircop here on efnet that has been idle for 3 years
Ryvern> 3 yrs idle?
Ryvern> and somehow he never pinged out in 3 yrs?
Kemp-> lol, did he die and leave it switched on?
Keht> i guess
Kemp-> his relatives are going to have a huge electricity bill
Ryvern> yeah, but
Ryvern> 3 yrs without a disconnect
Ryvern> i mean
Ryvern> DAMN
Kemp-> uptime for the win though
Ryvern> no shit
Ryvern> that's defo a record
Kemp-> lol, "he may be dead, but DAMN his uptime is impressive"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random IMs - Scone Revolution

Names removed as they were traceable to actual email accounts. Spam is bad mm'kay.
xx: my brother said to my mom that was a revolution here
me: lol, a revolution?
me: that would be pathetic in england, we'd throw scones at each other and then have afternoon tea

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Silverlight FAQ Fail

I won't do a detailed post here, just an amusing aside. The Silverlight FAQ (MS's new Flash clone) doesn't seem to like any browser I have available. In summary...

Renders completely wrong but functions as it should

Firefox 2:
Renders perfectly but doesn't work right

Who exactly were they targetting? (Yes, IE7, I know, but how hard is it to get an FAQ to render properly?)