Friday, July 21, 2006

Out Of The House :o

I actually did something today! *shock* Sarah (home Sarah, not uni Sarah) wanted me to get some stuff for her laptop as it isn't set up to access the net and they're large files (dunno what connection she has at home, but meh). Anywho, before getting them I popped over to check that everything would work ok. Long story short, it turns out the dvd drive on it is just old enough not to be able to read writable discs (I'd forgot drives like that existed, lol). So that's that plan out the window. We spent the remainder of the time watching the end of Shrek 2 (which happened to be on) and various extras on the Narnia dvd, along with discussing virtually every tv show we've ever watched (we have vaguely similar tastes in that department). I was also going to send off my passport application but I ended up remembering too late again, so tomorrow then.

It's currently about 6:55 and I am bored already :-S Might end up doing some coding or something, I haven't done any for a while as I don't usually feel like it when it's this hot (and it's only for me anyway).

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