Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Apparently Gina got my letter last tuesday and sent one back on wednesday, which I got today, that's almost a week Royal Mail. Grrr... Anywho, tis her birthday on the 21st and I said I'd go visit her for the weekend or whatever for her birthday, which may get a bit hard to arrange 2 days in advance. Various things combined before to nearly make it impossible and now it *might* be possible and I'm trying to get everything together. It turns out I'm £400 rather than £500 in debt so I do have some money (kinda), but I'd like to ask how the hell the train companies can charge £6 to London but £50 (£50!) for my journey which honestly isn't too much difference in distance. Shows how much damn profit they make out of us. So yeah, I'll have to see if I can scrape the money together before I promise anything. £50! Wtf? Assuming money is forthcoming I then need to actually get in contact with her to arrange it, which is a challenge in itself now that her mobile gave up the ghost and I have to rely on her being in the house (everyone appears to have vanished today). All other problems (which there are) aside, this should be possible. *glimmer of hope continues to shine*

Took my guitar apart today as well, reassembled it in one piece fine with no damage too :-) What can I say? I like to know what makes things tick :-P So I now have some scribbled schematics (it's quite simple really) and a place to start if anything happens to go wrong. Amp next? Something not quite as simple and with an actual chance of hurting me (mental note: unplug before operating).

It's too damn hot at the moment, and apparently is going to be even hotter tomorrow (today I guess now, it's 1:14am). It should cool down after that though with some luck, and there's even rain predicted for the weekend. Almost tempting to just go out and lay in it if there is, it's not like I haven't done it before :-)

It appears the letter was in fact sent Monday, sorry Royal Mail, looks like you got it here within a reasonable time after all =P

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  1. I agree that trains are damn expensive. Originally I was going to go to Denmark by train, even if it was going to be a very long journey, but it turned out that this would have actually cost me just as much as booking a flight with only three weeks left, so of course I took that instead. Trains are good for some destinations, but if you don't want to go somewhere for which they have some kind of special offer, you're screwed.