Tuesday, March 09, 2010

QFT - LICD "A Religious Rage"

Quoted for truth. Originally from a LICD news post.

Events such as this only goes to reinforce my negative attitude towards organized religion.

Let it be said that I take no issue what so every with faith. Rather the opposite, I believe in every one’s right to the faith of their choice, or none at all. Organized religion however, seems more of a business these days to me, or to some extremes, a cult.

Why do religious groups revel in their conformity?

You want to show me a progressive organization? Show me how inclusive you can be, how you reach out to your community beyond the people who pay their yearly dues and share your beliefs. Preach to be kind to thy neighbor by being kinder to thy neighbor, no matter where they come from.

Open your doors, don’t close them.

Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll change my mind about organized religion.