Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New iPhone features

The new iPhone OS upgrade is coming, let's take a look and compare the features against my own (over a year old) phone.

I have it, the iPhone will receive a crippled version of it.

Organise icons into folders
I have it. My even older phone had it.

SMS character count
Telling you how many characters you're using is a feature these days? My first ever mobile phone did that.

SMS search
I have the ability to search in a couple of ways, nothing fancy. The API existed from the start though and there are a load of (free) apps to give much more fancy SMS inbox features.

Digital camera zoom
No reason for this to have been excluded in the initial release. It's a basic feature of a camera. Please tell me they already have optical zoom, otherwise this is just pathetic.

Customisable wallpapers
I can't remember having a phone that has a background that wasn't customisable.

So really. These features are what everyone's getting so rabidly excited about? They're finally catching up with several year old technology. Though I suppose if you buy something as restricted as the iPhone you probably haven't looked at alternatives in any real detail.