Sunday, July 08, 2007

Why Do People Buy Apple?

If you can convince enough people that it is trendy to own an Apple iToaster, even if it only toasts one at a time, then you will dominate the toaster market. Sure, there will be companies still out there, toasting 2, 4, 16 slices at a time, more suited to the needs of almost everybody. There will be people who buy those products, and don't understand why the hell you would want a one-slice toaster, but it wont matter. Its cool, so the vast majority of people will just go along with it. Its sad, but it is true - most people (at least in the "developed" world) care more about appearance than functionality.


Also of interest (same post):
For anybody that is interested, I recently was reading about a product that is suspiciously similar to the iPhone, called the Meizu M8. The specs are better, the cost is cheaper and all the reviews I have read have been excellent. I am considering getting one, specifically because the battery is removable, unlike in the iPhone.


  1. It's funny, I found your post because I actually AM looking for a one-slice toaster, since I travel for months at a time, live out of a suitcase, and eat only one piece of toast at a time. That said, I like Apple products... what's wrong with things that are cool? :-)

  2. I have no problem with things that are "cool", just with people who base their purchasing choices on a combination of perceived coolness and sheer advertising force. More people need to learn to look at the specs, read reviews, and ask around about other products. Especially when it's a big purchase.