Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random IMs - Rock

Overlord: Well, yes
Overlord: But I have today and tomorrow off
Kemp: ooo, nice
Kemp: you could buy my new guitar with your fancy new wages
Kemp: then when I'm famous and worth millions you can be like "yeah, I bought him that guitar"
Overlord: XD
Kemp: and girls will be like "that's nice of you, would you like to do something euphemistic?"
Kemp: and you'd be all "I might be able to fit you in tomorrow, I'm sure the other stockholders will be able to have their meeting without me. I'm the chairman don't you know"
Kemp: and I'd run past half naked screaming "ROOOOOOOOCK!"
Overlord: XD
Kemp: and then everything would burst into flames
Overlord: Have you been at the vodka again *shot*
Kemp: I wish, can you imagine this story with added vodka?
Overlord: LOL

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