Friday, July 13, 2007

Justified Brutality

News Coverage

Basic outline:
A guy kills an elderly woman, the police track him down and he gets taken in for questioning. During this he takes a cop's gun, shoots him point-blank in the face and jumps out a 3rd story window. The police catch him, beat him to within an inch of death and people complain about how the police overreact and wah wah wah.

Personally I think this guy got exactly what was coming to him. He not only killed someone who was most likely completely defenceless against him, but then he goes and shots another person in the face at zero range, no doubt killing them too. If you do that to a cop and the drop from the third floor doesn't kill you then you can be pretty sure you'll end up wishing it did. As far as I'm concerned the cops can do anything they want to him.

Oh noes, teh shocking video of injuries! Bet half of that was the fall anyway.

Note for those among us who like to pick faults/overreact/stand up for any cause that happens to float past:
I'm not saying police brutality is correct, justified or allowable in the general case, just in a select few cases where the guy doesn't deserve any less. Human life is sacred blah blah blah not caring.

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