Thursday, December 13, 2007

Think Before Clicking

I see a new MSN account details phishing site is making the rounds *sighs* A little hint for the less net-aware among us: if you click a link to was sent to you out of the blue and end up at a site asking for your account details (especially if the domain of the site you end up at has nothing to do with the link you clicked), then don't fill them in. Ever.

This time round it's (no, I'm not making it into an actual link), leading to and all the fancy shaded colouring contained therein. If you check the Terms of Use they make it fairly clear that they'll be using your account details themselves, so I can't really fault them on that one. But really, it's not an official website in any way, if you randomly give your details out to these people then it's your own fault =P

1 comment:

  1. I've got a contact that keeps linking me to this website, fortunately I did my research on it first before clicking it and from first glances the site looks professional and genuine but as it asks for your email address and password its obviously something more than a block checker. I can't believe some people are so easily misled.