Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If Only... - Maplin Guides

Quote from Maplin's description of their 2008 catalogue:
We have also added 15 new ‘how to’ guides on everything from networking to ID theft.


  1. Ooooh. A how-to for ID Theft? Surely that goes along the lines of the following:

    1) Go into a shop that uses Chip and Pin (ie any)
    2) Get into a queue, watch the person in front put their PIN in
    3) YOINK! Take card, run to nearest games store, buy console, throw card away as you leave town with your booty, as by the time you use it next it'll be locked down.

    Seriously, chip and pin is so damn insecure, it's depressing...

    --- OL

  2. Well, people are moaning about chip and pin, but they've been giving their cards to waiters in restaurants and suchlike since they came out. It's incredibly easy for them to either jot down the details or simply take an impression of the card. Paper on card, rub something messy over the paper (chalk if you're doing gravestones =P ), instant details. The only extra thing you need these days is the security code off the back, and I'm sure three digits are really hard to remember or write down somewhere.

  3. And then there's all the sites that you enter your details into, all the sites that store these details, all the cookies that remember them for you, your browser if you have it set to remember strings you type, the receipts and statements that show the details (not usually, but it happens), the companies that you give the details to over the phone or by fax...

    Need I go on?