Saturday, May 05, 2007


Written Thursday 11th August 1994 at 2am (not by me):
I have no life. I never see any of my non-work friends, and I'm wasting away my one and only youth. I ought to be out doing fun things and active things, the kind of things I won't be able to do when my mind and body finally decay. But instead I'm stuck inside under fluorescent lights, pushing bits around inside a computer in ways that are only interesting to other nerds. I glanced at a movie listing and there are movies out that I haven't even heard of. How did that happen?

Far far too true, except I do see non-work people occasionally I guess.

Maybe once my RDC submission and the project review meeting are out of the way, and no doubt several important visitors and miscellaneous demos for other things, and possibly all the reading I've been getting behind on, maybe then I'll be able to... I don't know... eat?

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  1. Meh..when ppl are happy outside, you are doing something those ppl couldn't do inside. And, summer is coming, try to have a water fighting, or play softair with your friends.That what i am going to do. LOL have fun, and see you when i will see you lol