Thursday, May 03, 2007

MSN Fails

Is there any official explanation for why MSN Messenger deletes mp3s if you get sent them and try to open them by clicking the link it gives you (the alternative being to navigate to your downloaded files folder)? It says it's potentially harmful and just goes ahead and deletes it, no asking the user, it just does what it feels like. Now I could understand it for executable files, but why mp3s? Executable files, by the way, are not deleted, you just get the potentially harmful warning.

I wonder why I'm gradually not using any MS software?


  1. And here I thought that was just mine being buggy...

  2. MS software is buggy by default, this is an actual decision on their part. Maybe it's a part of DRM enforcement - stop people sharing music via MSN (as if that was a way for mass distribution... it's slow as hell and only a couple of files at a time).

    It's just really annoying. Transferring files over MSN is slow as it is and then you get it randomly deleted with no warning. I suggest GAIM or Trillian as an alternative. Also Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, and Linux (Ubuntu + Gnome for me, Overlord likes KDE more). The only piece of MS software I actually want to use any more is Visual Studio, and that's only because I'm lazy.