Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mindcraft FTB modpack comparison

I am in the process of setting up a Feed The Beast (FTB) server, and in doing so I am required to choose which edition of the pack I want to use. The FTB site has a comparison page, and from that I've assembled a quick comparison between the Direwolf20 and MindCrack packs (the two that seemed most interesting to me).

First, the mods included in both packs:
Buildcraft 3Thermal ExpansionChickenbones Core
ChickenChunksEnder StorageNot Enough Items
Wireless Redstone CBEComputerCraftMiscPeripherals
IndustrialCraft 2GraviSuiteMFFS
Nuclear ControlInventory TweaksIron Chests
Obsidian Pressure PlatesOmniToolsPortal Gun
RailcraftRedPower 2Rei's Minimap
Soul ShardsSteve's Carts 2Thaumcraft 3

Now the mods only included in the MindCrack pack:
Extra Bees *Advanced MachinesAdvanced Solar Panels
Twilight Forest **VoxelMenuXyCraft ***
* Extra Bees is due to be added to the Direwolf20 pack in v5.
** Twilight Forest is due to be added to the Direwolf20 pack in v5.
*** XyCraft is not listed for the Direwolf20 pack on the comparison page, but is listed on the wiki page for the pack itself.

The mods only included in the Direwolf20 pack:
NEI PluginsEquivalent Exchange 3Gravity Gun
Compact SolarsMystcraft

And (for completeness) the mods mentioned on the page but included in neither:
Forge IRCLogistics PipesMinecraft Forge *
Music BoxYUNoMakeGoodMap
* Minecraft Forge is not listed for the DireWolf20 pack on the comparison page, but is listed in the pack's forum thread.

Is this enough information to figure out which is the best FTB modpack? Probably not, as it depends entirely on your definition of "best", but hopefully someone will find reading these tables a little easier than scrolling up and down the big comparison list on the site.

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