Sunday, May 01, 2011

Removing the Ubuntu 11.04 launcher bar

In Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal):

  • Click the far top-left button to bring up the search dialog.
  • Type "login" without the quotes and click on "Login Screen".
  • Change "Select Ubuntu as default session" to "Select Ubuntu Classic as default session".
  • Log out and back in.

Congratulation, you have removed the abomination. Prepare for 11.10 where they will no doubt remove Ubuntu Classic as an option.


  1. This is a godsend thank you. It was nice for a while but that damn launcher got very annoying... missed my panels :<

  2. Very glad about this post too.

    The launcher doesn't work well when you VNC to a desktop. Not sure why.

    Restored to ubuntu classic. VNC works normal again.

  3. Can't say thank you enough.

    1. same from me, why change good one....

  4. Thank God you were here.
    I can't believe that somebody came up with the ugly idea of a launcher (always on top of the screen) and that actually it got approved. Jesus......I miss the splash screen of the 9.04

  5. you're the man

  6. You a saviour. The launcher, despite being annoying, also kept breaking on me. I gave it 2 months to get use to it, but I never did - it sux ... Thanks for your help!

  7. Thanks indeed. Otherwise, I was nearly killing gnome while killing launcher..

  8. As the others above have said, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, I installed Ubuntu on a 2nd pc last night and just couldn't find how to get rid of this annoyance.

    Thanks, Thanks and Thanks again :-)

  9. I'm so glad I could get the 'Classic Look' back and get rid of that stupid Launcher. After all the hassle I had just simply trying to update Ubuntu on my external hard drive: I felt like totally packing in Linux altogether when I saw the Launcher and just sticking with Windows instead.

    What a total waste of effort designing something like that and I only hope someone is NOT getting paid to do that work.

    And to think that while work continues on pointless projects like Unity and Launchers there still does not seem to be any easy way of changing the graphics on the login screen and on the open few seconds of the opening of your account on signing in. I thought the Linux Community as a whole was suppose to be a group of high individual astute stylist suave cool arty people. So what do we get on signing is that mucky purple/brown color that looks like someone who has bloody diarrhea has scooped up a handful of excrement and scrapped it over the a white wall and photographed it and used it on Ubuntu for a nice color graphic. I did spend about five hours or so once and managed to get a photo of a flower appear at one time but I'm not sure I can spend the time trying to remember and re-figure out how I did it.

    There has been one improvement on the log-in and that is the one where when you hover over your name the block goes orange.......WOW. Nice one.

  10. Yup, 11.10 removes that option. What a piece of work.

  11. This link has some helpful tips to give you some more options:

    I'm not sure how close you can get to what you're used to, but one of the shots shows an "Ubuntu Classic" option. Maybe someone can report back how close it is?

  12. Thnx a lot.. :)
    whatever was first in my launcher, it came friggin up with multiple goddamn windows... solved it ;)

  13. Well I think it is Ubuntu Classic my I'm a newcomer to linux. It looks like Lucid Lynx


  15. A one million thanks for this help, linux classic view is normal screen, those moving banders belogs a smartphone or tablet NOT FOR PC and BIG screen ;=)

    You save my day!!!