Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New iPhone features

The new iPhone OS upgrade is coming, let's take a look and compare the features against my own (over a year old) phone.

I have it, the iPhone will receive a crippled version of it.

Organise icons into folders
I have it. My even older phone had it.

SMS character count
Telling you how many characters you're using is a feature these days? My first ever mobile phone did that.

SMS search
I have the ability to search in a couple of ways, nothing fancy. The API existed from the start though and there are a load of (free) apps to give much more fancy SMS inbox features.

Digital camera zoom
No reason for this to have been excluded in the initial release. It's a basic feature of a camera. Please tell me they already have optical zoom, otherwise this is just pathetic.

Customisable wallpapers
I can't remember having a phone that has a background that wasn't customisable.

So really. These features are what everyone's getting so rabidly excited about? They're finally catching up with several year old technology. Though I suppose if you buy something as restricted as the iPhone you probably haven't looked at alternatives in any real detail.


  1. Well, that's Apple for you. The Reality Distortion Field can make any feature seem new and exciting, no matter how old it is (seriously, SMS character count? My 3210 could do that 9 years ago!)

  2. lol, agreed. Apple seem to have a thing where bringing out 'new' features is really just stuff everyone else has had for a long time.