Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pokemon Economics

Bad priorities, Pokemon, satire (for some definition of satire), and a Now Show reference, all in one quote block.
Kemp: but you need a lot of other things before a kid
Kemp: like an eee box
Overlord: XD
Kemp: or a job and a house
Kemp: I forget which
Kemp: best to get them all
Kemp: to be sure
Overlord: Gotta catch 'em all?
Kemp: Investment in a Sustainable Economic Portfolio, I choose you
Kemp: use your Inflation Tracking attack
Overlord: XD
Overlord: It's not very effective...
Kemp: enemy Banker uses Retard attack
Kemp: Portfolio has been incapacitated
Kemp: and that, for the last time, is why you can't have an Xbox 360
Overlord: LOL

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