Monday, November 16, 2009


The launch itself:
(7:24:19 PM) Overlord: 4 mins =)
(7:28:31 PM) Overlord: GO
(7:28:32 PM) ***Overlord is currently listening to: Star Trek - First Contact - Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf (Star Trek - First Contact).mp3 [04:25m/320Kbps/44KHz/foobar2000]
(7:29:59 PM) Kemp: I was about 10 seconds behind
(7:30:09 PM) Kemp: at least I knew it didn't blow up on the pad :P
(7:30:12 PM) Overlord: hehehe
(7:30:44 PM) Overlord: SRBs are off
(7:31:09 PM) Kemp: arced away perfectly
(7:32:26 PM) Overlord: Song's finished
(7:32:27 PM) Overlord: XD

And some pre-launch drama (for some reason Widnows Media has always Just Worked for me in Firefox under Ubuntu, never has for Person X):
xxxx: can you get me the website?
xxxx: is not working on my work computer
xxxx: is acting the same as on my other computer
Kemp: you should be able to change the stream format, if one of the others works
Kemp: oh, the only other one is real, lol
Kemp: but yeah, it just worked for me
Kemp: try installing w32codecs
Kemp: should be in synaptic
Kemp: if not:
Kemp: wget -c
Kemp: sudo dpkg -i w32codecs_20071007-0medibuntu2.1_i386.deb
xxxx: done it
xxxx: through synaptic
Kemp: kk
xxxx: nope
xxxx: still not working
Kemp: try installing mozilla-mplayer
Kemp: if it's not already installed
Kemp: and if that still doesn't work, run these commands from your home directory:
Kemp: rm -rf ~/.gstreamer-0.10
Kemp: gst-inspect-0.10
xxxx: still the same
Kemp: in firefox's address bar, type about:plugins
Kemp: and see what it says about windows media
xxxx: is all enabled
Kemp: on the page, click Other Viewing Options next to the video and check you're using windows media, not real
Kemp: if all else fails, try quicktime, lol
xxxx: quicktime done it
Kemp: that's working?
xxxx: yes

A classic example of Just Try Everything. We'd already tried some things on Person X's other computer for the Ares I-X launch, with no luck. Saved by Quicktime, who'd have thought?

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