Friday, June 06, 2008

LyX Crashes Under Ubuntu Hardy

Application: LyX
Distribution: Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron
Problem: Crashes opening valid .lyx files

I had a problem recently where LyX was crashing every time I attempted to open a file (through both the file open dialog and double-clicking a .lyx file). After some hunting around Google I found the following solution.

It turns out that the problem was a version mismatch with another package I wouldn't have even thought of looking at. I like to have all the repositories checked in my software sources list, as do a fair few people it seems, and this was the source of the problem. In Hardy Backports is version 4.4 of the Qt libraries, and LyX does not like them at all. The problem seems to be particularly focused around the loading of eps images, which are almost every document I produce, thus the near-constant crashing. I managed to force a document open by launching in excess of 100 instances of it simultaneously, but that's so ridiculous I don't think anyone could think of it as a workaround.

Anyway, the solution is to uninstall any qt4 related packages (do a search for qt in Synaptic and they will be fairly obvious), and uncheck Hardy Backports. LyX and Skype will be removed when you do the uninstall, so put those back on afterwards and they'll bring in the correct version of the Qt4 libraries.

This also solved a problem I was having with GnuCash's icon not displaying. This was fixed on two computers via this method, so I don't think it was coincedence.

I will add some links to relevant discussion when I have a moment free.

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