Saturday, January 05, 2008

Random IMs - EOD Ducks

Kemp: so tempted to slip something random into a presentation and see if I can make it seem relevant
Overlord: "This plastic duck, while seemingly irrelevent and appearing to be, on the surface, a chance to win a bet with some friends, is actually a highly integral part of the project"
Kemp: ducks, being a largely water-based animal, do not have experience defusing explosive devices. this means that the system does not need to be designed to take account of duck physiology. this narrowing of requirements was an important initial step in the project.
Kemp: irrelevant requirements, which appear useful at the beginning of a project, are often responsible for project failure
Kemp: do I do this too much?
Overlord: Yes =P
Overlord: But it was impressive enough that it took me 3 reads to realise there are plenty of LAND based animals with no experience of defusing explosives =P
Kemp: lol, kemp wins

For those not in the know, EOD = Explosive Ordnance Disposal. And yes, LAN party post soon.

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