Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random IMs - PCI Graphics

A friend in need is a friend who can make do with freakishly old hardware.
Dr G: do you happen to have an old graphics card lying around? cos i think i've either fried it or the mobo on my pc
Kemp: in a way, I have an old PCI one
Dr G: i use pci. just need to figure out which bit has esploded
Kemp: note I said PCI, not PCI-E
Dr G: i have that
Kemp: yeah, just warning you that it'll be about as good as a chipmunk drawing the images on a whiteboard

And yay for none-standard abbreviations and their alternate meanings.
Dr G: just need to figure out whats gone south and if it is the gf which i hope an upgrade will come sooner than planned

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