Saturday, September 16, 2006


Yes, I'm alive still and I finally have a connection, though for various reasons it's slightly unstable right now and maxes out at a mere 2Mb/s but I have plans to fix that. I'm (kinda) enrolled on my PhD at last, just a few more things to chase up, things were easier as an under-grad when things were done for you, lol. Other than that I'm pretty much catching up on what I need to know for what I'll be doing, mainly the documentation for things mentioned here and stuff for the module I'll be lecturing in (yes, they're letting me loose with real people, no, they won't be subjected to me every week =P). Don't think there's really much else to say at the moment, plus my muse is on vacation so writing isn't my strong point right now. Adios.

On a random note, I've reinstalled Dawn of War and I've been downloading the patches (they must all be applied in order). I noticed this little gem in the patch notes:

Reduced Scout accuracy while moving from .55 to .35.

Scouts were inadvertently given an accuracy penalty while moving in the 1.3 patch. This penalty has been removed.

As Overlord said, "Inadvertant my arse".


  1. LMAO @ the patch thing. I didn't think anyone actually read the patch notes, but hey, if you didn't you wouldn't have found this gem...

  2. 8 patches... 8! Is it so hard just to do one patch that brings new installs up to the current level? Particularily as patching the files involves copying all the data out into a new file and when it's going through the same files of nearly 1GB each for each patch that's a hell of a lot of wasted time.

    Meh, I remember why I stopped playing it now anyway. As of about 15 mins in you have more resources than you can spend and then it just becomes a matter of throwing in unit after unit until someone breaks through. Can a have a side-order of tactics with that meatgrinder? Oh you're all out, ok.

  3. I wouldn't mind several separate patches if the game was actually smart enough to recognise which version you have and then just downloaded a patch with the relevant updates instead of one big one starting at version 1.0 or whatever. Personally I got so fed up with the whole system that I eventually ended up getting all the patches manually, because they do have smaller ones on various websites (e.g. 140-141, 141-150, 150-151 instead of 100-141, 100-150 etc.)